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About the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

The Nursing Leadership and Education MSN at Northwest Nazarene University offers the working professional nurse an opportunity to complete a master's degree through a fully online program of study. This program is ideal for those with work and/or family responsibilities. Nurses with an associate degree may complete their master's in 3 years while nurses with a baccalaureate degree may complete their master's in 2 years.

The Nursing Leadership and Education program utilizes an online cohort model and supports an interactive learning environment as well as collegiality throughout the student's progress. Full-time students take from 6 to 9 credit hours per semester, one course at a time.

The focus of the degree is to prepare nurses for the role of a leader/educator in clinical facilities, educational institutions, and community agencies. Curriculum development, teaching-learning strategies, evaluation processes and the principles of leadership and administration are covered in the course of study. Internship experiences take place in a variety of educational and leadership settings.

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Program Goals

The Master of Science in Nursing program provides accessible graduate education in nursing that meets the demands of the profession while maintaining the highest degree of academic rigor and integrity.

Program Outcomes

MSN graduates will assume clinical and/or educational leadership in diverse healthcare settings, demonstrate scholarly activity in research, evidence based practice and adapting theoretical frameworks to clinical practice, and advocate for diverse populations and demonstrate social responsibility in healthcare delivery.

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Stacey Little

Stacey LittleAdmissions Specialist for MSN, RN/BS, College Core, Teacher Certification

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